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Oct 17th 2020 releases

Due to the serious allegations surrounding Burger Records and the Covid-19 pandemic, Cassette Store Day (CSD) 2020, has been cancelled. You can see the official statement here from CSD UK We at Tapehead City have no affiliation with Burger Records and stand in unison with the victims. Tapehead City will not carry releases from such bands nor restock releases from labels that promote them. Profits from our remaining Burger Record titles will be donated to RAINN.

but here is some good news.... we are here to "save the empire!".

Cassette Store Day was not started by Burger Records, They only helped organized the North American branch, and celebrating the format of cassettes has nothing to do with Burger Records. 

Tapehead City wants to provide a way to connect record stores with labels that were planning CSD releases this year. We spoke with CSD UK, and they gave us their blessing to do so. They have only asked that the "Cassette Store Day" name and branding is not used this year. We want to respect their wishes. We will be promoting the releases under "#cassetteweek2020" [OCT 11th-17th] on our social media platforms.

We are beginning to contact all labels and bands who had releases planned and  hopefully we will have many of the planned titles available. Stay tuned!

If you had/have a release planned for Oct 17th you can sign up through us. Free admission!


If you have a store, sign up here:


You will receive a list just like you did with CSD with everyone's participating info. First round of announcements will be Aug 17th and the final announcement will be Sept 14th. Please sign up by Sept 12th the latest. You will receive an email with all the info within those dates. We will also post everything here and on our social media so you can copy/paste/share however you want. Any questions or comments send us an email at We are just doing the best with what we know so any feedback is appreciated. 

We know how much this day means to many of you. 2020 has taken so much from us, but we can't let it take this. We need new music in our lives more than ever. We need to connect in fun and positive ways more than ever. And if nothing else, we just need something fresh to listen to while in quarantine!

-Tapehead City