Book of Wyrms - Occult New Age - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

Book of Wyrms - Occult New Age - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

$ 9.00

 Occult New Age is Book of Wyrms at their fastest, slowest, loudest, and weirdest. 

For fans of Hawkwind, Blood Ceremony, Elder, Samsara Blues Experiment, Black Angels, the Sword.

Book of Wyrms is a four-piece heavy psych band who came together over their mutual adoration of Hawkwind and ZZ Top and put out a demo in early 2015. It got some positive attention and helped them find their record label for their first two records, Twin Earth Records.

From the beginning, the band foraged strange ingredients for their sonic pot, balancing airy vocals over heavy sludge, cloaking progressive melodies in fuzz, and dropping surprise boogies under retrofuturist synths (people always ask if it's a theremin). Thankfully, people dug it: 2017's Sci-Fi/Fantasy was named one of the best debut albums on the popular website Doomcharts.

The Chicago Reader said 2019's Remythologizer "immediately establishes a welcome atmosphere: dark, doomy, and highly comforting to anyone raised on a diet of D&D, 70s heavy rock, and ditchweed." Surprisingly, with songs inhabited by characters like the Undead Pegasus, kids dig them too!

Whenever they could, the band packed into their shiny...  more

released May 7, 2021

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