Koreatown Oddity - isthisforreal? - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

Koreatown Oddity - isthisforreal? - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

$ 19.99

This custom cassette edition of ISTHISFORREAL? designed by Mark Bijasa is a replica of a personal journal that belonged to Koreatown Oddity’s landlord, a character the album calls the Existential Landlord. 

Koreatown Oddity (Dominique Purdy): “Existential Landlord was Steve, an elderly man who kept a nice garden in the back of my apartment building in Koreatown. He was always so nice, helpful, and never tripped when I was late with rent. He would always say, ‘I trust you, Purdy.’ In 2020 he passed away and his son and daughter came to clean out his place. They were throwing all the things they didn't want out front, and one of the things we found was his journal. We had a friend Soomin translate his words. There were all deep thoughts about life and his existence. On the song ‘Existential Landlord,’ you hear some of his words being read by Soomin.”

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