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LOVE LETTER - it brought us something we had to know - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

LOVE LETTER - it brought us something we had to know - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

$ 5.50

BRAND NEW TAPE - description from rok lok - Listening to "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" by Love Letter is akin to waking from a dream so vibrant but as you wake trying to reveal every layer of the slumbered experience becomes difficult. You try to slowly replay every bit and piece from the dream but you are left with such gaping holes that you just want to go back to sleep so you can perhaps reconnect with a memory of it. The washed out, shoegazing drones of Love Letter engages on a hypnotic level where every time a new layer is revealed. Washes of sound just pour over you with each listen with layers of fuzzy, blown out waves of guitar drones that focus on creating a mood as opposed to commanding one's attention with a melody. And that is not to say Love Letter is devoid of melody or harmony for that matter because that would be absolutely an incorrect assertion, it is just how those familiar sonic ideals are expressed are done so in manner that is different and more focused in enveloping the listeners attention in rewarding experience that while esoteric in nature is one that has powerful results. The sounds of Love Letter reminds me a lot of Paper Armies, Asuza Plane and Mono to create a wonderful shoegaze/post rock hybrid. "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" is limited to an edition of 50 home dubbed cassettes with full color , numbered j-cards and hand stamped labels.

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