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The last Mormon Toasterhead release on Rok Lok, "Summer" was more of a document of fragile, sappy immediate bedroom pop and while the double album "Memory" and "Monument" certainly have their elements of reveling in pop, however, the main focus seems to be more about mood and environment. Both of these albums excel at displaying emotive sprawls of ambient, minimal soundscapes. A keyboard drone here, a simple chill percussive loop there, sounds that crackle, and spaced out melodies over there- "Memory" and "Monument" play as brooding soundtrack to ones life and I think with these two companion albums that is exactly what Mormon Toasterhead's Ben Klawans was hoping to achieve. The compositions presented here shine in their use of space and creating emotion and depth without needlessly layering sounds. If you enjoyed 2013's "Change Change Change" cassette on Ritual Tapes you will see "Memory" & "Monument" as a continuation of what that tape so fantastic. "Memory" & "Monument" are two companion albums that are double cassette release packaged in a double wide norelco box features full color j-cards for each album and comes with full color printed labels. Limited to an edition of 35.