Space People - SHMM - CSD (oct 8 2016) hiphop – TAPEHEAD CITY

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Space People - SHMM - CSD (oct 8 2016) hiphop

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Styles Upon Styles shares the first findings from galactic traveler Space People. The New York cosmonaut taps a trove of compositional knowledge when producing his own beats or collaborating with local acts Gabriel Garzón-Montano and Quincy Vidal. After countless satellite exchanges, Styles decrypted 23 messages and compiled them into one artifact called SHMM. Born from eons of experiments in a solar system far, far away (116th & Up), SHMM flits through gamma-fried funk, neck snapping rhythms and lunar hip hop tailored to upheave dreams of the finest beats from across the motherf*cking Milky Way.