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cassette store day 2016

  Cassette store day is back for its 4th year and Tapehead city is very excited to be part of it! If you're not yet familiar with CSD, its a once a year celebration of well.. the cassette tape!  It was created by a group of record labels in the UK in 2013 and unlike record store day, cassette store day is more focused on celebrating tapes instead of shops. Bands...

"cassette" the film is here! well... in london for now.

Since about 2011 the kickstarter funded film "cassette" has been in the works, but just this past July it finally had its premiere at the east end film festival in London. The 92 minute film featuring such music icons as henry rollins, thurston moore & ian mackaye is hopefully coming to a theatre near you & me. I wouldn't count on it being played at the nearby loews, but hopefully it will pop...