RAIGES CANO is a beatmaker from Ukraine (Kryvyi Rih) with an innovative vision of hip-hop. His music has a multi-layered, cinematic, evolving structure that is constantly changing. RAIGES CANO's sound is always a bit connected to 90's hip-hop. His compositions often use samples from jazz, soul, funk of the 50s - 70s, which are complemented by live bass parts and enticing analog synthesis motifs. It can all be called Abstract Jazz Bap, a genre that perfectly reflects the artist's signature sound with its mixture of dreamy blooming soundscapes and rattling boombap drums. [All profits from this release are going to the artist]

OUT NOW! Tapehead City release #27!

LA punk superstars Surfbort have just released their new raucously outrageous and much anticipated album, Keep on Truckin’ on cassette! This is a album filled with boisterous humor, deep emotion, political commentary as well as ramshackle punk rock spirit. The album was produced by multi-platinum award winning songwriter and Grammy nominated producer, Linda Perry.

Punk rock from China!

A new Tapehead City release! The Noname "best of 2001-2021" OUT NOW!



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