NEVVA - Fer Sher - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE [pre-order]

NEVVA - Fer Sher - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE [pre-order]

$ 7.99


Release date 7/23/21

The surf-punk riot grrrls of Nevva, a three-piece Brooklyn band, have some questions. Are leggings pants? Is man-spreading the secret handshake of misogynists? And are sober vegans just being too hard on themselves? Seeking answers, guitarist and singer Jenny Palumbo founded the band with Charmaine Querol on drums and Molly Schoen on bass.

Fer Sher, Nevva’s debut EP, packs the same punches as their frenetic live shows (and we all miss those.) Behind the slap-in-the-face riffs, there’s angelic harmonies to soften the blow. Add fuzz bass and frenetic drums to the mix, and there you have it: the signature blend of satire and heartache that makes Nevva, Nevva. 

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