Frank Agrario - Principality Of Trinidad - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

Frank Agrario - Principality Of Trinidad - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

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 While traveling to Tibet before his marriage, Harden-Hickey noticed the tiny island of Trindade in the South Atlantic Ocean, which had never been claimed by any country and was, legally, terra nullius. In 1893, wanting an independent state where he could serve as its ruler, he claimed the island and proclaimed himself James I, the Prince of Trinidad.
Stamp of the Principality of Trinidad, 5f, 1893

He designed postage stamps, a national flag and coat of arms, and established a chivalric order, the Cross of Trinidad. He bought a schooner to transport colonists, appointed M. Le Comte De la Boissiere as Secretary of State, and opened a consular office at 217 West 36th Street in New York City. He issued government bonds to finance the construction of infrastructure on the island.

In July 1895, the British tried to take possession of the island, basing their claim on the 1700 visit by English astronomer Edmund Halley.[2] The British planned to use the island as a telegraph cable station.[2] However, Brazilian diplomatic efforts, along with Portuguese support,[citation needed] pressed a successful claim to Brazilian sovereignty, based on the island's discovery in 1502 by Portuguese navigators.

To demonstrate sovereignty over the island, the state of Espírito Santo, which took the island, built a landmark on January 24, 1897.

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released June 5, 2020

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