Hands Off! - Various Artists - CASSETTE TAPE

Hands Off! - Various Artists - CASSETTE TAPE

$ 10.00

[THC-012] Hands Off! A compilation tape to benefit the empowerment of young womxn through rock n roll. 

“This is a statement about there being no tolerance for predatory behavior in the rock scene. The buck stops here. We wanted to put together something special by womxn to empower womxn, as a collective force for change. Cassette culture and DIY culture must progress and maintain its importance moving forward for a better tomorrow inclusion accessibility for all artists. fuck boys clubs" - LG (Thelma and The Sleaze)
100% of the proceeds will be donated to profits that focus on the empowerment of young women.
Tapes & Tapes+shirt combo include a free sticker, pin & postcard. 
Only 200 pressed!


1. Amyl and The Sniffers - Pleasure Forever 

2. Alice Bag feat: Kathleen Hanna & Allison Wolfe - 77

3. White Mystery - Good Girl

4. L7 - Fast And Frightening 

5. The May Company - The Paradox Drive Of Finite Confusion 

6. Courtney Barnett - I'm Not Your Mother, I'm Not Your Bitch

7. KO Newborn - Maybe

8. Exene Cervenka - Already In Love

9. Kairos Creature Club - Voodoo Success 

10. FEELS - Anyways 

11. The Royal They - C.N.T.



12. Palehound - Killer

13. Groupie - Poor You

14. Thelma and The Sleaze - In Prison

15. Shadow Show - The Alchemist 

16. Blacker Face - Punk Song

17. Krystal Metcalfe - Fearless

18. Gymshorts - You Blew It

19. Clickbait - Heat!

20. The Black Tones - Mama! There's A Spider in My Room! 

21. Karen Meat - Synthetic 

22. The Exbats - One Foot in the Light 


Produced by L.G. (Thelma And The Sleaze), May McDonough (The Psychedelic Cherry),Alex White (White Mystery) & Tapehead City! 
Huge thanks to our sponsors 
Artwork by Tragic Girls
Tape duplication by Cryptic Carousel 
"Hype" stickers, pins and postcards by Fat Rat Press
Diecut stickers by Stickerguy
T-shirts pressing by Thread Rock


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