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Limited edition of 56, professionally manufactured flat white matte cassettes with hand cut j-cards. Includes cassette-only bonus track "Green Fields." PROCEEDS FROM CASSETTES WILL BE DONATED TO THE CRONMILLER FAMILY AS WELL AS COVERING MANUFACTURING COSTS.

In loving memory of the great Clovina.

Cool Handz Luke:

"In the days after Clove's passing I found myself listening to "Flutter" on repeat, crying non-stop, trying to somehow process what had just happened. One of my favorite productions to date and the only song I had ever recorded with Clove. I remember when I first showed her the beat, she smiled and immediately began humming a tune. A couple days later we had this beautiful song. When Colin gave me a call and asked if he could release "Flutter" on his label, along with some unreleased instrumentals as a way to honor her memory and possibly raise some money for the Cronmiller family, I loved the idea and we immediately began work on the project."


"The unexpected and sudden passing of Clove Cronmiller was felt throughout our town of Flagstaff and much further. An incredible voice and presence, she was a calming spirit and a karaoke night's secret weapon (I once heard her do a rendition of "Falling" that Alicia Keys herself would have cheered for). As with all great musicians that have passed, I found myself wanting to hear her voice again. To relive the magic that was Clovina, a talent that certainly deserved the flowers while she was still here.

Lucas had recently forwarded me the link to "Flutter", which I remembered being on a burned disc he had given me years prior. This opened the floodgates for me to go digging through my personal archives. Upon the realization I was sitting on a sizeable portion of unreleased Cool Handz songs, I reached out and asked for his permission to compile and release them as a proper beat tape. He then picked his favorite picture of Clove and we enlisted the talents of artist Lydia Chase to capture the Queen in all her glory."

released December 12, 2020

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