Double Diamond Sun Body - 1 - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

Double Diamond Sun Body - 1 - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

$ 12.99


Limited edition seafoam green tinted cassette. Exclusive to select independent record stores. Professionally manufactured, packaged & shrinkwrapped in high quality Norelco case, double-sided 3 panel j-card with numbered certificate of authenticity/download card.

The solo debut from Double Diamond Sun Body is a riotous electronic achievement, and overwhelming art at its purest.

Throughout 1, artist and composer Robbie C Williamson takes us on a wryly confrontational journey. Like a director framing each scene, Double Diamond Sun Body is in complete control, skillfully discerning in how he allows us to bear witness.

Highly dynamic and modern production teems with the sounds of classic drum machines churning out tribal rhythms, opulent synth arpeggios and layered melodies. Environmental field recordings often give way to cinematic driving dub, sinister bass and big room dance. Meanwhile, morphed, androgynous AI voices espouse environmental and social diatribes with a nod and a wink. 1 is commentary on the human condition, executed with calculated and cohesive precision.

A highly accomplished artist and Hollywood veteran, Williamson has also produced quixotic videos for each song. Heavily employing captions using a mix of Cyrillic and Latin letters, found and crowdsourced footage is overlaid with vexing 3D rendered figures. Taken as a whole, 1 is a true auteuristic vision, and a statement that demands to be reckoned with.

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