Empty Cassette Tape Shells, Used

Empty Cassette Tape Shells, Used

$ 1.99

Have to open up an old cassette tape of yours that was sealed with glue to repair the splice?  And have the shell get destroyed.  Here is an economical replacement shell.  The only thing missing is your reels of tape.  These come with a new felt pad, the inner "lubricating" film pieces and everything else needed to work with your reels of tape.  


These are used shells, so you will have to replace or add a label to them.  Stock varies.  Most will have no label, but some will still have the old written on label attached.  Colors also vary between smokey gray clear to solid black, gray or tan.  You can make a request as far as color at checkout and I will do my best to accomodate.  Limited stock at this time.  


Price is for one complete shell.   These shells are held together with screws for easy access.  

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