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The Footloose LP by Expanding Universe is a young musicians attempt to drag himself out of one of life’s little dark holes. 24 year old Dutch producer Kevin Huizing turned to music as a way of providing a much needed sense of positivity in the world.

The result is an accomplished mixture of modern electronica, classical and world rhythms all composed by someone firmly outside of their comfort zone. The overwhelming theme that holds these contrasting influences together is emotion and a desire to make things better. Natural and heartfelt. Poignant and inspirational. It’s a masterclass in transforming a negative situation into one that’s magical and full of hope.

Melodies that will stay with you for ever and compositions that truly overflow with feeling and vibrancy. The eight tracks combine to form a wonderful journey of intergalactic escapism worthy of any movie soundtrack. Taking science fiction as inspiration if each song where its own unique character they would undoubtedly fuse together transforming into one giant laser beam wielding robot destroying negativity and saving life’s across the galaxy. Each track is great but together as part of the album they are unstoppable.

Much like the biosphere on one of the LP’s imagined worlds the Expanded Universe project has evolved organically from one man in his home studio to a live band. Members include, Remco van Dun on bass, Mark van Reusel on guitar, Rolf van de Sande on keys, Thuur Onrust on guitar and Kevin on composition and arrangement; still writing and producing with his same un-compromised view.

The album is released on Next Phase Records (NL), a relativity new label but one which has already gained a reputation for its emotionally charged music in a wide range of electronic styles. High standards are applied to all artwork, packaging and music with the vision that each component is as important.

Alongside the digital release there will also be a limited edition cassette. This features all eight tracks and has been professionally manufactured with artwork by Merel Woudwijk and graphic design by Sander Huizing. Both versions have been carefully mastered by Macc (Subvert Central).


released December 16, 2016


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