Marmalade Knives - Amnesia - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

Marmalade Knives - Amnesia - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

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The group was formed in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA, as a collaboration between guitarists Clinton Wilkins and Justin Spivey, exploring the depths of outer-limits psychedelia. Wilkins spent several years studying with David First (acclaimed minimalist/microtonal composer and member of cult 70s/80s NYC no-wave legends The Notekillers) and Spivey is a well-regarded collector/historian of originalperiod psychedelic/progressive music, writer at UK psych rag Moof Magazine, and recent songwriting contributor to the underground cult film The Yucca Sisters by Samuel Casebolt. The lineup of the band eventually grew to a full-on 5 member troupe of local freak–rock 'n' rollers, including bassist Mark Robinson, drummer Kyle Herrenkohl (of SF acid-folkers TABERNACLE), and keyboardist Nathan Warrick (of APACHE DROPOUT). In the summer of 2018 they tracked their debut album at Loud House Studio in Santa Cruz, CA, and over the following year+ the production and mixing of the album was helmed by Adam Kriney (of THE GOLDEN GRASS/LA OTRACINA).

Amnesia is a sprawling tapestry of classically inspired progressive psychedelia. A voyage through a mythical cosmic rock universe, layered with dense squalls of abstract sound collage and fields of freeform freakouts, all coloured with old-world folk melodies/modalities and pulsing with a funky rhythm section!

released March 4, 2022

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