The Moon by NOWFOLK: Moka Only & Ishkan - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

The Moon by NOWFOLK: Moka Only & Ishkan - BRAND NEW CASSETTE TAPE

$ 15.00

Welcome back to The Moon. This is a project I’ve been wanting to reissue for some time now as it went out of print by 2004 and never made it to digital, let alone any format besides the original CD . On said CD we had a whopper of a liner note fold out that broke down every song in amusing detail but it was so verbose that the printing was minuscule, even spread over the three inner folds. Not going to do that here, instead I want you to rewind your minds to the timescape and excitement of the new millennium, 2000 when this was recorded and picture what you might’ve been doing that spring. A couple of the tracks were added in April 2001, right before release because that was also the era of cramming as much stuff onto an album as rapperly possible. You remember how THAT used to go! anyhow, for those that were around in that period , I hope this brings you back and serves you well. For new comers and younger ears, I’m glad you are here and you can absorb a little obscure jewel of west coast hiphop history and perhaps get a warm image of what the cultural landscape was at that time, in particular how it related to Nowfolk and my crew, ‘ City Planners’ Love! - Moka Only, 2024

released May 3, 2024

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