VIC DIMOTSIS - mine eyes dazzle - CSD (oct 8 2016)

VIC DIMOTSIS - mine eyes dazzle - CSD (oct 8 2016)

$ 9.99

Vic Dimotsis channels a kaleidoscopic array of compositions through an infectious sense of humor for his debut release, Mine Eyes Dazzle. The North Carolina-based vocalist, drummer and producer mashes raw drum workouts, muffled R&B, Parisian parlances and birthday voicemails into a two-sided beat tape charged with magnetic imperfection and charm.

Vic charts a singular path through side-winding breaks and crooning vocals to arrive at a sporadic, free-wheeling and soulful mixtape that's "all smashed together, drippin' in sweat." An immersive collage, Vic's tape is a token of his ability to craft visceral soul music with a drum kit and his throat. Mine Eyes Dazzle is Portishead without the rain, Dilla without L.A., and Hype Williams with drums like Milford.

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